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My Child's Brain

A look into your child's brain development, and how you as a parent can better relate and help your young child.

Anxiety In Children

Anxiety robs our children of their childhood.  No one gets a second change at childhood, so let's do whatever we can to make sure that our child's experience is the best possible.                                                                         

Does My Child Actually Have ADHD?

Are you struggling with a child who has, or may have ADHD? Here are some ideas of what you can do to help without or in addition to medication.

Embracing Failure     

How do we teach our children to be okay with failure? The road to success almost always passes through fields of failure.

Other People's Feelings

How much should we concern ourselves with other people's feelings? Where is the healthy boundary?

Living Without Drama

How much should we concern ourselves with other people's feelings? Where is the healthy boundary?

My Relationship With Money

How's your anxiety or frustration level with money? Let me see if I can help a little, and make this easier for you

Useful Goals

How do I choose goals that are actually worth my time and effort, and that I might actually be able to achieve?

Stop Trying To Be Happy

Happy is such a fleeting emotion, unless there is something much more significant behind it. Let's try for that.


Love the innformation given and the touch of humour. Looking forward to more podcasts. Well worth listening to
It was very informative and interesting. Roy kept my interest and I felt it helped me have a better understanding of how a child's brain is different than an adults. I'd recommend it to my family and friend and anyone who deals with children in anyway
This is a great overview into how a child's mind develops. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.