Applied Life Strategies 

One-on-One Coaching, Group Sessions and Training

In order to protect the health of you and our coaches, all coaching, workshops and training will occur virtually, via Zoom meetings

Customized One-on-One Coaching and Crisis Coaching

The hard truth is that all parents struggle and so do their children. and sometimes those struggles can become overwhelming.  If you are feeling overwhelmed we would love to help. Or, if you want to avoid being overwhelmed, we would love to help there as well. If you feel that one-on-one coaching could provide the tools and hope you need to be the parent your would like to be, then you're in the right place. 

Managing an "ideal family" can be challenging enough. But when things seem to be falling apart around you, the help of a trained and experienced coach can make all the difference. If you are dealing with a family break-up, family crisis, or navigating the rough waters of a blended family, we can help. Monique has over 10 years of training and experience guiding families through their most difficult times. 

Remember: you are not broken and neither is your child. You are both doing the best you know how.

Please reach out by clicking here or the Contact Us button below and we will set up a free consultation to see if coaching is right for you. 

Workshops and Organized Support Groups.

We will soon be offering Parent Workshops presented by either Roy or Monique. The cost of a workshop is $25 and  workshop size is limited. If you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops, please contact us and we will add you to our mailing list

Organized Support Groups are a more structured experience than typical social media support groups. They occur on regularly scheduled days and are lead my a life coach. There is a learning time at the beginning, followed by discussion time and them open discussion as time permits. These typically last 60 to 90 minutes. If you would life information on availability, focus and cost, please contact us and we will email you the information. 

Please feel free to ask for information by clicking here or the Contact Us button below. 

Child Care  Provider Training

Presentations and training for child care professionals is custom designed to meet the needs of your organization and programs.

Typically, these presentations / discussions are designed to improve you staff's understanding and skills with challenges such as  brain development, childhood anxiety, bullying and behavior problems. This training is not intended to replace any education or certification requirements in your jurisdiction. 

If you feel that training would benefit your child care organization, please reach out via the Contact Us button below to discuss your particular needs, availability and pricing.